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Highly Recommended Books For Entreprenuers

One of the most crucial things about being an entreprenuer is that fact that you should always be learning. I have learned so much from reading books regularly and if you are wanting to be on the forefront of your business, my advice is to always have a book on standby. I make sure I have a Nonfiction book within reach every single day and read atleast 10 pages a day. This one habit will cause you to think better, act with more intent, and really make a huge difference in your life. So with that being said this page has all the books that I'm currently recommending you to read!

This book will teach you how to handle your money, so that you can have money and continue to grow your money. This book is my number one book I recommend for learning how to manage your personal finances.

This book will help give you perspective on how the rich think and act, teach you the difference between assets and liabilities, and raise your financial IQ!

This book will help you develop people skills that are essential for being a sucessful entreprenuer. You will learn to be a better person, friend, and learn to influence others around you! 

This book will teach you how to think things through and really think of the possibilities that could come about with your actions. This book also teaches you about manisfestation.

This book was written by the basketball coach of Michael Jordan and he does a fantastic job of motivating you to go after your goals to be relentless when it comes to being the best. 

This book is written by none other than Curtis Jackson AKA 50 Cent and he helps you see what are the possibilities are of doing a deal initially that isn't profitable and how they can lead to fortunes. 

This book is all about habits and how to make long lasting habits that increase your performance in many different aspects of life such as work, family, and friends. All around a great book!

This book is great for learning how to automate tasks and break away from your traditional 9-5 so that you can make more money, have more freedom, and live anywhere in the world!

This book is amazing at helping you learn to negotiate and do it at a high level. The author Chris Voss was a hostage negotiator for the FBI and he shares his stories of different tactics used in high stakes negotiations. 

This book is a great and short read. It really helps you become more spiritual and more aware of the things that you say and do and how they impact your life on a daily basis.

This book is perfect for the starting out entrepreneur to see how their business will be if they dont take the right precautions to put in place standard operating procedures. And run a small business like a real business. 

This book is great at teaching you the compound effect, essentially the things that you do on a daily basis tend to compound over time.

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