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Learn How To Sell On Amazon

Thinking about selling on amazon? You have landed at the right place. I have created this page to serve as a resource to help you learn how to sell on amazon and utilize Amazon FBA. This page will have many resources to help you throughout your journey as an amazon seller such as helpful blogs, videos, and reccommended products and or services. 

Step 1: Educate Yourself

The first step to amazon is to start educating yourself. Learning what selling on amazon will require as far as time, effort, and money is a vital necessity for you to be able to jump in and have a general idea of what you are doing. I suggest learning more about amazon by reading my blog posts and watching my youtube videos. 

Blogs About Selling On Amazon

These Blogs are all about selling on amazon. I have blogs about getting started, finding inventory, using products to improve your performance, and overall helpful information for selling on amazon. Browse these blogs and find the information you need to progress your business. 

Videos About Selling On Amazon

These videos are about selling on amazon. These videos go over some simple stuff such as signing up, or finding inventory. Some videos are more in depth that go over setting up triggers to source books to resale on amazon. These Amazon FBA videos will give you a good visual of what you need to do to progress with this business model. 

Step 2: Take Action

Start taking action by signing up to sell on amazon. Once you sign up it may take a couple of weeks to go through the approval process. During this time, its best to start figuring out what you are going to sell. For me, I found selling used books to be one of the best things to start selling. This is because books are cheap and plentiful and hard for your average person to determine the value. I suggest to start selling books before you sell in other categories because if you make mistakes while learning amazon, it will be cheap and won't hurt you as bad as a wholesale order.  

Order Supplies

Check out all the supplies I recommend buying for your business. Some things are necessary such as tape and a postal scale and some things are just to improve your business such as thermal printers. Have a look at my complete list of items I recommend for selling on amazon, especially books. 

Improve Your Business With Software

Improving your business with software is one of the easiest ways to grow your amazon business. Selling books and other media, having a scanning app outside of the amazon seller app is essential to improve the number of profitable items you can source. Purchasing a listing software can improve the time it takes to list your items and send them to amazon. Maybe you are looking to sell more or turn over your inventory faster, then you may want to consider getting a repricer. Check out all the software and apps I recommend for selling on amazon. 

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