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A Brief Guide To Getting Ungated To Sell DVDs On Amazon

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Selling DVDs on Amazon used to be an easy task in the early years of selling on Amazon. There were no restrictions and anyone with a seller account could sell their product. This didn't last very long as Amazon had to crack down on the category for several reasons, but mostly to keep people from selling counterfeit or bootleg copies. As a result, Amazon had to kick many people off its platform and now new sellers are restricted from selling in that category. Good news for you, after reading this article you will have the knowledge you need to start selling in the DVD category.

Are DVDs Good To Sell On Amazon?

In short yes they can be quite profitable however, selling DVDs has its downsides.

DVDs are a staple of home entertainment and are purchased everyday. In terms of selling them on Amazon, there are positives and negatives that come with it. The DVD category technically covers DVDs, Blu-ray, ultra HD and any other disc options for your favorite movie. DVDs can be sold on amazon new or used which is great because finding rare movies from the past has some of the best profits. If you can find profitable DVDs in New condition at your local retailers that sell for a profit that is good too. New DVDs usually sell faster and for more money, but actually sourcing new DVDs can be much harder. Finding profitable used DVDs are much easier way of getting a lot of stock. The down sides to selling DVDs is that most DVDs are not profitable to sell on amazon, but there are a lot of titles that hold their value even for used copies.

How To Get Ungated?

Amazon requires you to submit an invoice from a manufacturer or distributor with a combined purchase of 10 or more units.

This Sounds easy enough right? Well if you have no idea what this means you simply have to buy 10 DVDs from the company that makes them, or another that distributes its products to businesses. More than likely, unless you are producing the movie, you are going to want to buy from a distributor. To buy from a distributor you will need to have a business entity and a resale certificate. Once you have your business set up for purchasing wholesale, you can then pursue finding a distributor and making a purchase.

Can I Become Ungated In DVDs Without a Resale Certificate?

Technically yes, you must purchase from a retail website that includes an invoice and not a receipt.

This is one of the best ways to get ungated for the beginner seller who may not want to create a business entity and get a resale certificate. Although you can't use a receipt from you can use an invoice from another website that is a little lesser known. has been talked about plenty over the last few years as the cheapest and easiest way to get ungated. Although this method isn't the one I used, one of my students successfully got ungated using this site. Just like amazon wants, you can purchase 10 units and submit your invoice. It has been recommended that you check out the clearance section for some of the cheapest options.

What Distributer Should I Buy From?

Alliance Entertainment is a reputable distributor of music, movies, games and more!

Alliance Entertainment has been a sure fire way to get ungated in the DVD category. You will need to have a business entity, and a resale certificate to buy from them. You can signup to be a customer at Some important things to note, if you sign up as an amazon seller, they require a minimum first purchase of $1000.00. This can be kinda high if you are just starting out but they do carry other products that are profitable to sell as well as other brands that can be ungated.

Other Important Information

Make sure that you are following amazon best practices by purchasing products that authentic and from authorized distributors and retailers.

When purchasing used DVDs, be sure to make sure they are authentic and graded according to amazon standards.

If they are scratched, be sure to resurface before selling. You can get a resurfacer here.


You now have all the tools you need to get ungated in the DVD category, Now go out there get ungated and start selling DVDs for a profit.

and as always,

The Hustle Never Stops

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