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Sell Your Pokemon Cards Fast And Easy

3 Simple Steps To Turn Cards Into Cash

Get a fast and easy quote and turn your card collection into cash. we pay top dollar for rare and vintage Pokemon cards. Simply fill out our online form for a quote. We cover the shipping costs and you'll receive payment promptly upon verification of your cards. Don't wait - sell your cards today and get the most value out of your collection!

Please Fill Out Your Details

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1. Fill Out Your Details

2. Ship Your Cards

3. Get Paid 

Review our terms and procedures for selling your cards for cash and fill out all of the necessary information so we can properly receive your cards and get you paid!

Once you have received you shipping label you can then package up your cards and drop them off at USPS or UPS based on label provided. Please be sure to follow shipping guidelines. 

Getting paid for the cards in cash or credit?

That's right, You can trade in cards and get cold hard cash, or you can get even more with our trade in credit. Cash payments can be made via cashapp, Paypal, or Venmo.

Your Guide To Selling Your Pokémon Cards

This will be your guide to selling your cards for cash or trade in credit. Please review all of the rules and conditions for cards that can be accepted. 

Cards We Will Buy And Trade

  • Near mint and lightly played pokemon cards.

  • commons, uncommons, rares, ultra rare, EX, GX, V, Vmax, etc.

  • English Cards

Cards We Don't Buy And Trade

  • Moderately played, Heavy played or damaged pokemon cards.

  • Energy Cards, or World Championship cards

  • Foreign language cards (Japanese, German, Spanish, etc.)

How We Determine Value

  • We use TCGplayer Low price in same condition to determine the value. 

  • We give specific percentages based on cards value

  • Please see value guide below

Bulk Rates

(Under $5.00)

Regular Rates


Premium Rates

(Over $50.00)

Bulk Rates are flat rate prices for cards valued under $5.00

Regular Rates are percentage based prices for cards valued between $5.00 and $50.00

Premium Rates are percentage based prices for cards valued Over $50.00

60% TCGPlayer Low Price in Same Condition

Payout will vary from card to card with payouts being $30.00+ Per card

50% TCGPlayer Low Price in Same Condition

Payout will vary from card to card with payouts being between $2.50 to $25.00 Per card

  • Common/Uncommon/Rare​

$0.02 Each or $20.00 Per Thousand​

  • Holofoils/ Reverse HoloFoils​

$0.10 Each or $100.00 Per Thousand​

  • EX, GX, V, Vmax and Ultra Rares

$0.50 Each or $500.00 Per Thousand​

Organizing and Shipping your Cards

We ask that you separate your cards by the pay out rate on all bulk cards. All regular rate and premium rate cards can be batched together. 

 Cards can be batched together, preferably in team bags in stacks of 100.

  • Commons/uncommons/rares together 

  • Holofoils and reverse holofoils together

  • EX, GX, V, Vmax, and Ultra rares together

  • All Cards over $5.00 will be batched together. 

Ship all Cards securely in a box or padded envelope 

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