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Just like any other business, you will need tools and supplies to make the most out of your business. No need to fear, I have compiled a list of all the products that I'm currently using and would recommend these products if you are planning on launching your own Amazon business. Plus, you can get all these directly from Amazon just by clicking the item. 

This is great scanner because it is small, durable, and scans lightning fast. This is the scanner I personally use and by far my farvorite scanner. It is on the more expensive side, but the quality of this scanner doesnt compare when looking at most cheaper options!

Eyoyo ring scanner is my next best option for a scanner. I own this one as well and it works very well. It goes on to your index finger and scan using your thumb. It can be used left or right handed, and it allows your other 3 fingers to be used for faster scanning. also its a much cheaper option if you are just getting started.

This is a great first purchase as you will need to keep a tape gun handy for sending shipments to Amazon. This starter pack features a tape gun and 2 rolls of tape to get you started. This one is a no brainer. 

This refill pack is always gonna be one of those things you will have to continue to buy, and the more boxes you're sending the more tape you will need. So it's nice to know you can find the link on here for more anytime you run out!

Rollo brand labels are my go to labels, even though there are cheaper options out there I fully support the Rollo brand because of how good the printer works. Plus, I have never had a problem with these labels.

Rollo has been an absolute game changer for me. This label printer can use pretty much any labels, weather its postage or fnsku labels this printer can handle all your label needs. It has never jammed since I've owned one and it prints pretty quick. 5 Stars hands down. 

Dymo was the first label printer I bought and I still use it to this day for all of my fnsku labels. You do not need to buy this but if you are like me and dont want to have to change your labels between shipments, then I would recommend this label printer just for printing your fnsku labels.

These are the best labels you can get for the Dymo because this roll of 1000 labels is oriented in a landscape format, which is much wider when coming out the label printer. This has probably saved me countless hours because labels that were oriented in portrait format always gave me problems. These are needed to print your fnsku's.

Accuteck is a well known brand for shipping scales. I like this one because it can handle boxes up to 110lbs, although you will hardly ever have packages that weigh that much, and you can use batteries to power it allowing it to be used anywhere. Alternatively, it can be pugged in in case you don't have batteries. 

Scotty Peelers are necessary for removing stickers off of your items quickly. I personally only like the metal one, but the plactic ones work fine too!

The sold as set stickers are necessary when sending in sets of books, or multipacks, and cutom bundles. I like the safety green because they are nearly impossible to miss by Amazon employees handling your products.

Poly Bags

Poly bags with suffocation warning are required for some items as part of the prep process. if you are shipping liquids, or even a small set of books, this variety pack will save you time and time again as I use all sizes from time to time. 

The one I recommend getting is the VUP Running Detachable Armband because it doesn't interfere with your screen, I can still use it with my phone case, it rotates for scanning ISBN's fast, and its detachable for when you want you want do to things that are not done as easy when your phone is on your arm!

I recommend getting an Anker PowerCore Essiential 20000 power bank. This thing can charge my phone 5 times on a full charge. Its perfect if you are forgetful like me and need a battery that doesnt require a charge everyday. In fact, you only need to charge it a few times a week if you are using it everyday.

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