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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Amazon is a world of its own, and as a seller on the amazon platform, I've learned a thing or two. Before I dive too deep into amazon, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Talton Roberson and I am a six figure amazon seller, I own and operate a pressure washing and landscaping business, and I also teach people how to get time freedom via selling on Amazon. I am passionate about selling on Amazon because it has given me the options to do other things with my life that many people dont have because I outsource most of the work needed to operate my business. This gives me the ability to use my time doing the things i love (like teaching people how to get their time back through ecommerce) and so you have stumbled across this blog probably wondering how you can get your time back too! well no need to fear because I'm here to help!

One of the main things you need to know about amazon is a program that is offered to most sellers known as FBA, or fulfilment by amazon. As a regular shopper on amazon, you may have heard of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives you tons of benefits such as free 1 and 2 day shipping on millions of items, access to prime video, amazon music, and tons more! When ordering from amazon, you can usually see products that have prime shipping on them but amazon might not be the seller of that item. This is possible through the FBA program. Sellers like myself will opt into the FBA program which allows us to send our products to amazon where they will handle receiving, storing, picking, packing, shipping, and customer service once your product sells. FBA gives sellers the ability to outsource a lot of the work that is required to run a product based e-commerce business. This in turn could allow sellers to send in a shipment and may not need to restock for a few weeks or months depending on the item and quantity, which gives us time freedom to do other things.

If you are looking to get started selling on amazon the first step is to visit and sign up for an account. You can sign up for a free account or a professional account, the one I recommend. The account can be made in your personal name, or the name of the business which I recommend if you're serious about changing your situation. It will require some basic info such as your birthday, address, social security number or an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number), Banking information and will usually require a postcard in the mail and phone interview to make sure you're a real person (robots are a big problem). Once your account is activated then you can start listing items for sale.

If you are wanting to get the most out of selling on amazon be sure to subscribe to my mailing list so you never miss a blog, video, or special offers so you can the competitive edge to be pushed towards achieving your dreams!

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